About Us

     Aodai Tours is a travelling service on motorbike around Ho Chi Minh City, provided by VNANGEL Company from the beginning of 2012. Despite our short-time of running, Aodai Tours has achieved lots of goals and received a lot of compliments and encouragement from customers as a result of our good-quality service.

      Aodai Tours has been working with the main aim of becoming the best tourism-on-bikeservice provider in Ho Chi Minh City and has been contributing our effort to promote Vietnam’s tourism brand to the world. To accomplish that goal, all our services are made only to satisfyour customers who will have an enjoyable time in Vietnam – one of the countries which have the highest motorbike traffic density all over the world. 

     In addition, we alsooffer you theactual interesting schedules with flexible time, attractive places and friendly guides. They will become your great accompanying friends who will not only answer all you questions but also bring you the unforgettable experiences during your journey. Let’s explore Saigon as friends. With Aodai Tours, beyond travelling, you are joining into Saigon’s lifestyle as well.