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Viet Food is offered at night time only because basing on combine between good condition of time and indigenous culture.  While most people from other country usually work hard to save money for several vacations in years, Vietnamese people refer to enjoy their lives every single day by many simple ways such as starting a new day by a cup of coffee, getting hair washing at a salon on breaking time or after the day work, or hanging out with friend at night, etc.… so that driving around the city and stop some place to enjoy food is one of Vietnamese life feature because it’s help them restoration themselves for the next new they. And when the weather cools down is the best time for locals go out to contemplate Saigon as gorgeous picture and enjoy local foods. So that taking Viet food Tours means you do whatever Vietnamese people do at night. Get out of daily bustling life to relax and discover all nooks and crannies of the city in the night time and enjoy local specialties.

Viet food is the perfect combine between the night tour and learning Vietnamese cuisine, but extra more interesting local places and more of our popular Vietnamese dishes. We will enjoy the savor of cup of coffee or fresh coconut in the central park where is youths’ favorite place to relax after a hard-working day and contemplate how beautify Saigon is, driving through a small alley to taste some popular dishes originated such as broken girdle cake with steak, tuna hotpot, steamed rice pancakes. And then exploring a fresh food markets to taste local favorite foods and drinks which are delicious and safety from the street vendors and local fruit store such as grilled rice papers, seafoods, ice fruit smoothies, fruit salad with yogurt and lemonade ice tea, enjoying the spring rolls and junk food when joining the crowded atmosphere in front of a university where is crowded with local people or students, etc.

Please note Pho, which is a good and healthy food originating in the North of Vietnam, is not only loved by the Vietnamese people but is also enjoyed by tourists as a feature food for the Vietnamese cuisine will not be offered in this tour. The lesser-known local dishes like spicy beef noodle, grilled rice paper, broken girdle cake with steak, tuna hotpot will be offered in this tour instead of pho because you can find good noodles by yourself in restaurants in the center of Saigon, and we can give you the list of the best restaurants to try it or you can ask for the sight tour. In additional, if you have any requires for your tour such as trying special food, allergies, or food restriction, please notify us. We assure that you will enjoy learning more about Vietnamese cuisines and Vietnamese people because Viet Food is the best tour for tourists who have been completely satisfied with our service for spending the whole night to explore famous local areas in the city and taste the best Vietnamese food in local restaurants in a cordial atmosphere instead of luxury restaurants.

All tours include:

English speaking guide, motorbike and fuel

High quality helmet

Accident insurance

Local foods and drinks

Free pickup and drop off in the center (District 1, 3 & 5)

Picture from your tour by email (or picture on the brochure by request)

…more than thousands smiles.

$20 extra for kids who is under 7 years old and make sure could sit in the same bike, and please notify us of allergies and food restriction.